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EQUIP School of Biblical Training

Equip exists to empower believers to fulfill the Great Commission to make disciples and teach them to obey all that Christ commanded. Our mission is to equip people to LOVE God, KNOW God and SERVE God effectively. In an age of relativism, we believe that knowing and believing the truth of God’s Word is critical to the effectiveness of the church’s mission of discipleship.    

What is EQUIP?

Equip is a two-year course designed to take you through the entire Bible in a systematic way so that you can understand the big-picture, major themes and ideas so that you can more effectively study the scriptures on your own, and ultimately teach it to others. We also provide other classes to help you better understand the foundations of our faith and worldview, along with practical aspects of how to live out the gospel.   We believe that the entirety of scripture points to Jesus, and so our classes are very gospel-centered.  


What to Expect   

  • Classes will be on Tuesday nights from 6:30-8:45.

  • There will be classroom discussion and interaction.

  • Each week, you will have an assignment for each class which typically consists of listening to or watching a lecture, daily Scripture reading, and various other assignments. Our focus is on learning, not overloading you with busy work!

  • Special attention will be on the head, heart, and hands of each student. Our aim is not to make smarter people, but more healthy, Christ-like, equipped people!

  • Equip is a ministry of Sojourn Community Church, and our instructors are all volunteers without compensation so that we can provide classes at NO cost to you.  We do however request a $35 fee to cover materials throughout the year.*

  • If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Thom at

*Any couples that are taking the course will be charged one $50 fee. For family pricing, please contact us


Course Schedule 2023-2024

Fall (September 12-November 28)

No class on 10/17 or 11/21

Year 1 students:

Bible Survey

Old Testament 1

Year 2 students:

Biblical Worldview

Minor Prophets

Winter (January 9-March 12)

Year 1 students:

Basic Christian Doctrines

Old Testament 2

Year 2 students:


Discipleship & Evangelism

Spring (April 2-May 28)

Year 1 students:

Paul's Letters

Life of Christ

Year 2 students:

Poetic Books

Hebrews, Peter, James, John

Summer (June 18-August 13)

Year 1 & 2 students:

Romans Intensive

Foundations of Bible Study

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